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English Camp

> Autor: Jahrgang 8

> Datum: 16.11.2023


Our English Camp KiEZ Frauensee

From the 11th to the 15th of September 2023, we the 8c and 8b, went to our camp next to a beautiful lake. There we met our three native speakers from England and Scotland, who took us to our classes right away. We usually had classes from 9 am to 4.30 pm in the afternoon. In the lessons we played games and created products like posters and presentations – everything in English, of course!

It was so much fun. In the afternoon we had free time and enjoyed ourselves. We even had one night of dancing in the disco, which was a highlight of the trip.

On the last day we had to present our projects and showed everyone what we had learnt in our classes. We also got certificates from our native teachers. The English Camp was fantastic!


English Camp September 2023 - Müllrose

We, the 8a, were on an English trip to Müllrose from 11th-15th September 2023. Our class was divided into two groups. We worked on various topics in these groups. For example, our group worked on describing animals and conducting interviews. In our free time, we all played table tennis, volleyball, pool, table football and some board games together. Our teachers for this time were James and Rie. They were very friendly and made the lessons fun. At the end of the week, we put on a show for our parents to show them what we had learned during the week. After the show we had dinner together. Overall, the English trip really helped us to improve our speaking and listening skills in English. We all had a great time together and had a lot of fun.


English Camp in Lübben

We, the 8d and 8e, went to Lübben from the 11th to the 15th of September.

We usually started our day with breakfast, then we had our lessons for which we were divided into three groups (A1+, B1+, B2+). Each group had one native speaker. After one lesson, which lasted 1-2 hours, we changed native speakers. We had lunch every day after the second lesson and our free time started at 5 pm, in which we played volleyball, soccer, basketball and much more. At 6 pm we had our delicious dinner and had more free time till 10 pm. On Thursday we had to present our projects and said goodbye to our native speakers.

All in all, it was an interesting and fun experience.

Schon das zweite Mal infolge fand im September diesen Jahres ein Englisch Camp für die achten Klassen statt. Muttersprachler*innen führten interessante Workshops auf Englisch mit den Jugendlichen unserer Schule durch. Dieses Event soll in den nächsten Jahre zu einer neuen Tradition werden.

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